Wife Surprised When Flowers Arrived From Her Husband, Then Shocked When She Realizes They’re For The Family Dog

Receiving flowers is so fun. It’s like a big hug from whomever sends them to you. It generally fosters a sense of being loved and cared for. The beauty of the flowers and the scents that fill the room all work together to overwhelm you with love from the one who cares enough to send you flowers. 


This woman experiences all of that, and she was shocked at what unfolded upon seeing this beautiful bouquet of flowers. Debbie Cardone was going through her day, just like any other day. Suddenly, a bouquet of flowers was delivered to her doorstep! 



Debbie opened the card that accompanied her flowers and her heart sank when she came to the realization that the flowers were not intended as a gift for her. Her beloved bulldog Sebastian was currently in recovery from an ACL surgery and the flowers were being given to him instead.



She took to Facebook to share this hilarious story about mistaken identity with her closest friends and family members and as you might expect, the story quickly went viral from there. Her daughter then shared the story with her Twitter timeline, causing it to blow up even more.



What a hilarious story! We can’t even imagine what her face looked like the moment she read the card! We’ll be laughing about this all day.



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