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When This Dalmatian Finally Gives Birth, Vet Realizes There’s Been A Big Mistake Talk about a surprise! Sheesh!!


The veterinarian who cares for Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot’s dog did a scan on Miley, her pregnant Dalmation. The scan clearly revealed three puppies. However, she is quite large to only be pregnant with a litter of three! Sure enough, when delivery day came, there was a surprise all around! Miley didn’t have triplets, she had EIGHTEEN puppies crammed into that belly of hers! That is six times the amount originally predicted!! 

After about thirteen hours of labor, Miley delivered twelve girls and six boys. Thankfully they were all healthy and whole. However, there are too many pups for Miley to successfully, single-handedly nurse, so Cecilia and her husband are pulling all-nighters alongside their champion mama dog.

They are helping the puppies have a constant supply of warm milk.
There are so many of them that Cecilia had a great idea to put a little ring of different color dye on each puppy to keep them all distinguished until their tiny little collars arrive.

The 18 puppies set a new Australian record and tied the world record for most Dalmatian puppies born in one litter. And while Perdita and Pongo had 15 Dalmatian puppies in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians, Miley’s bountiful brood shows that truth IS stranger than fiction! 

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