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When Dad Turns On Vacuum, Little Girl Looks To Husky For Protection Sometimes you just need a little reassurance from a friend to get by.


Vacuums are the bane of many a dog’s existence. But this brave dog has a bigger problem. His human little sister is the one afraid of vacuums.

Instead of running to hide or heading for higher ground, this brave husky comforts his little sister and lets her hide behind him.

When their dad turns on the evil contraption, also known as a vacuum cleaner, the toddler runs straight for her loyal guardian and protector: her dog. We can’t tell if he’s unbothered by the commotion, or if he’s just putting on a brave face for his sister. What we do know is that when his little sister needed him, he didn’t budge.

At the end of the video, all is well, and no carpets, children or huskies are harmed. Although, I do feel sorry for dad. Cleaning the house must be pretty difficult when you have the double trouble duo around and the one with two legs is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Every kid deserves to grow up with a fiercely loyal, furry companion like this husky! Watching him comfort his little sister is simply heartwarming!

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