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Watch What Happens When This Owner Tries To Share The Sofa With His Husky! The expressions on their faces are the best!


Dogs are the happiest, most fun-loving creatures on earth and they love nothing better than spending time with their owners.

Except if the dog is the husky in this video and the owner tries to snuggle with her on the sofa.

This adorable husky has a love-love relationship with the black leather sofa and certainly doesn’t like to share it. When the owner drops by and asks if he could share the sofa, the husky gives him a stinky eye worth the look of a cat.

The owner simply squishes in beside the husky (which, by the way, refuses to even budge!), and tries to talk, but the angry look on the dog’s face is enough to quench any of his desire to snuggle, and he gives up.

Watch the video and enjoy the expressions on both the owner’s face and the husky!

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