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Watch This Dog React To His Dad Telling Him He Ate All The Food! This dog loves to listen to his Dad talk – unless he’s talking about how he ate all the food! Turn up your speakers for this one.


As this Dad tells his dog about all the glorious food in the refrigerator, the dog responds in the funniest way!

The video opens with Dad saying: “Food. You know, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“Yeah?” The dog replies with hope in his eyes.

“So, you know, I went to the fridge, and I opened up the meat drawer. You know what the meat drawer is, right?”

“Yes. What was in there?” The dog is intrigued by his Dad’s story.

“Well I’ll tell you what was in there. You know that bacon? That’s like maple? Maple flavored?”

“The maple kind? Yeah.”

“So I took that out, and I thought…”


“…I know who would like that. Me! So I ate it.”

“Awwwwwww! No. you’re kidding me.”


The conversation only continues from there.

It seems a little unfair to tease your dog about food, especially when he’s able to talk back to you, but we have a sneaking suspicion the dog got a treat after all was said and done!

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