Two Day Old Puppy Adopted By Cats And Is Happy As Ever!

Every year, many puppies suffer extreme health issues and sometimes even death due to prematurely losing or being separated from their mothers. The effects of being orphaned can show long into adulthood through physical or behavioural issues, so it is important to find a foster mother as soon as possible. A young puppy was brought into the Michigan Humane Society after his mother was hit by a car and passed away. Watch and see how the Humane Society’s quick thinking saved this orphaned puppy!

The Michigan Humane Society didn't have a nursing dog to try as a foster mother, so they got creative with a two day old puppy who desperately needed their help. In an attempt to get him the animal nurturing that he needed, the Humane Society placed him with a nursing cat and her kittens. Even the Humane Society’s public relations coordinator Ryan McTigue had his doubts, stating that “cats and dogs aren't supposed to like each other.”


That was certainly not the case here, and this unlikely family proved everyone wrong! The nursing mother, her kittens, and their loving foster family welcomed this young pup as their own! He was able to immediately nurse and spends his days sleeping, playing, and learning how to be a dog…or maybe a cat. Despite their vast differences, this furry family proved that love can conquer all.


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