This Dog Hates Waking Up In The Morning And He Let's His Parents Know How He Feels About It

It's morning and the alarm clock is announcing the time to wake up. Vizsla, however, doesn't seem to be interested in waking up at all! All Vizsla wants to do on a Monday morning is to laze on his bed. Watch Vizsla throwing tantrums when the alarm starts beeping, refusing to accept its command that he should be up and about. All his moaning and whining seems to pay off, as the alarm goes off. Vizsla, pleased at his achievement at defeating the annoying device, cuddles back into his sheets and goes right back to sleep.


How many of you relate to Vizsla's obvious hatred of Monday mornings? Well, while Vizsla is lucky enough that he can afford to go back to sleep, many of us may not be that fortunate. 

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