The Surprising Treatment Baggage Handlers Give a Fallen Soldier AND His K-9 Will Give You Chills!

What you are about to see can only be described as “incredible.” This a group of baggage handlers called the Delta Honor Guard, and they are located at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Like they do many times a week, they are gathered on the tarmac to honor a fallen soldier and his K-9 as their bodies are finally making their way home. The amazing Delta Honor Guard holds a ceremony as the caskets are transferred onto the plane.


The first, larger coffin, is the fallen, unnamed soldier, while the smaller coffin is the soldier’s K-9 partner. The Delta Honor Guard, comprised of volunteers, take amazing care of both. The volunteers have taken it upon themselves to make sure that each of the handful of fallen soldiers who pass through the airport on a given week are treated with respect. Thank you, Delta Honor Guard, for the respect you showed to these fallen heroes, human and canine alike.


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