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Sugar, the Pit Bull, Saves and Protects Precious Family Member!


Courtney Ridgeway said that her son Colby had been playing in the front yard of their home, on the swingset. She and her brother were both watching Colby. She went inside for a minute to take care of her younger son, and her brother soon came in also. Within minutes, they realized Colby was gone.


Sugar, a 6-year-old, solid-white Pit Bull, stayed by the side of 2-year-old Colby, after the boy wandered into some woods near their Panola County, Mississippi home. Colby's grandfather, Barry, believes Sugar saved the little boy.


At first, Barry was afraid someone had kidnapped Colby, but Sugar not coming when he called gave Barry hope. "I knew that as long as she didn't come back. I didn't have to worry about it because I knew if we found her, we would find him," said Barry.


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