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Residents Heard Cries From Behind A Wall, But Thought it Would Be a Tiny Puppy, Not THIS!


Los Angeles County Fire Department rescuers were called to a house where the residents found a dog trapped between their home and a brick wall. The dog must have wandered away from his home when he slipped into the tiny gap. Fire inspector Randall Wright wrote on the department’s Facebook page “Each time the dog would whimper or cry, he’d fall deeper into the 6-inch-wide gap.”


The Fire Department got him out by tying rope around his paws and pulling him to safety through the side of the gap. Wright said the incident was a “great training opportunity for firefighters,” and he hopes the video can help other rescuers if ever they find themselves in a similar situation. Thankfully, the dog was unharmed by incident and his family was found. He is now happily reunited with his family thanks to the bravery of the LA County Fire Department.


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