Must Watch! This Man Notices Something Following Him in the Water! What He Finds Out Next... Incredible!

On January 7, 22-year-old Blake Talman was attempting to flee the scene of an accident in Sarasota when he lost control of his Nissan Altima at high speed, causing a second accident. The car struck and killed Donna Chen, a mother of three, who was jogging with her dog, Barney. That afternoon, Rory O'Connor was paddling his kayak out onto Sarasota Bay for an afternoon of fishing. We see him preparing lines when he is distracted by a splashing noise. The dog on his camera turns out to be a dog!


Once he gets the dog calmed down and back to shore, they check the dog's microchip ID. He had been injured in the crash, but it was Barney. He had been able to run from the scene, but the confused dog took to the water and swam out way beyond the shore. The traumatized Barney was ok and has been reunited with the Chen family.


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