Homeless Dog Has Nowhere to Go Until Someone Finally Steps in!

A homeless dog, living in a box on the side of the street, has an amazing transformation, going from sick, sad and lonely on the streets to something much much more.


When he was spotted, in became very clear that he was in bad shape. It’s unclear whether or not he ever had an owner, but he was checked for a microchip and he didn’t have one. Going off the condition of his skin and feet, his rescuers believe he was definitely on the streets for a really long time. He was covered in fleas and appeared to have the start of hair loss from allergies. It had been left untreated and started to cause other problems.


He appeared to be 5-6 years old once his rescuers finally caught him.  And he was finally about to find a family in England, about 2000 km away.  It’s the perfect place for him, as his human mom is not only a great animal lover, but she also has a lot of experience with dogs, running a daycare center for dogs, and working closely with veterinarians. It looks like this puppy will be living the rest of his life with lots of love.


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