Guilty Dog Steals Baby’s Toy But Then Apologizes In The Sweetest Way

Charlie the Dog takes his job as ‘protector supreme’ and ‘big brother’ of his littlest human very seriously. Well, of course, as big brother he gets to tease her just a teensy little bit too. But he is quick to make amends when he sees that baby is really upset. In this short, sweet video Charlie steals baby’s favorite toy but when she cries, he works up a sweat bringing her all of her toys one by one, practically covering her up in a pile of them to bring back her smile! Well, Charlie, you are one awesome big brother for sure! Who says you have to give up your dog if you are going to welcome home a new member of the family soon? Train your dog the right way and he could become her best friend, her fiercest, most loyal companion in the world.

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