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German Shepherd Was Left Behind When Tenants Move Out

After property manager, Michelle Brown, received reports of an abandoned dog, she went to investigate herself, finding a malnourished German Shepherd where former tenants had moved out. Hoping to reach out to the owners, Michelle Brown called the former tenants, but she has not been able to contact them. Though the owners told Brown that they would be moving out on November 28th, nobody is sure how long the dog has been left outside with no one home. According to neighbors, they have been gone for quite some time.


While animal control has been out to the house twice, they have not taken custody of the pooch, and they tell Brown that it could be several more days before they will be able to take the dog in. A German Shepherd rescue is now working to own the trust of the dog. Until they can do so, they plan to continue working with him, feeding him, and providing water. The real question on everyone’s mind is: why was this poor pooch abandoned in the first place, and can someone save him now?


Via Las Vegas (KTNV)

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