Floki The Cat Meets Her New Sisters And Their Antics Are Hilarious!

More often than not, cats and dogs are pitted against each other; their owners subsequently labeled “dog lovers” and “cat lovers”. While cats are seen as the regal head of household, dogs are most often known as man’s best friend. What happens when a cat loving couple add two barking additions to their family?


Floki, the family cat, is unsure of what to think as two whimpering puppies, Luna and Marley, are brought into the room in a crate. She hisses and snarls as the crate opens. Two tiny black noses poke out, followed by fluffy brown and white faces. Luna, the more rambunctious puppy, immediately plops herself into Floki’s bed, tail wagging furiously at the idea of meeting a new friend. While it seems to be love at first sight for Luna, Floki and Marley are much more reserved and keep their distance.


The next day shows a very different atmosphere. Floki opens her home and heart to the pups… And even shares her toys! Watch Luna barrel through Floki's cat tunnel and pounce on the unsuspecting older cat. Although Floki outsizes the boisterous young pup, the two are evenly matched as they topple around wrestling. The pair can often be seen chasing each other around the house as they play together.


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