United Airlines Flight Diverted After Third Dog Incident This Week!

United Airlines has been under fire recently, and for good reason! First of all, earlier this week a flight attendant forced a family to put their ten month old French bulldog puppy in the overhead compartment during a flight to New York City. Devastatingly, the puppy passed away on the flight from lack of oxygen. The airline deemed it a sad accident.


Just one day later, they shipped a senior dog bound for Kansas all the way to Japan! The family arrived in Kansas and were handed a Great Dane, who was most certainly not their beloved pet Irgo, a German shepherd. Luckily Irgo was located, albeit in Japan, and was able to be on the next flight back to the United States. In this case, the airline placed the blame on the overnight kennel that they contract.



Now they've almost sent another dog to the wrong destination! A flight to St. Louis ended up having a canine passenger on board who was supposed to be headed to Akron, OH. Likely due to all of the recent backlash concerning pets aboard their flight- the airline took a different approach. Instead of landing and sending the dog on another flight, they diverted the entire flight to go to Akron, OH to reunite the dog with his family. The passengers were compensated for the mishap, but United Airlines has just proven once again that they cannot be trusted with our precious pets!

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