Tiny Corgi Can’t Do Stairs, So Dad Builds A Custom Elevator

We love our pets. Yes, even our cats. But there is a special place of compassion for our dogs because they are, after all, man’s best friend! So when they need our help to live a happier life, we spring to action! 


This isn’t even talking about day to day living, fulfilling basic needs. This story goes beyond those kinds of necessities and over into the realm of privilege. But there is nothing wrong with that! And this pup sure agrees!  



The Corgi in this video was struggling with going up and down the stairs. So the genius owner went to work to find a solution for his beloved pup. What he came up with was a homemade elevator to relieve the Corgi from having to fight the stairs. Now he no longer has to stay downstairs or scuffle up the stairs! With just a push of a button, the owner can now transport his sweet dog up and downstairs, struggle free! 




What a great idea! And it’s amazing to see the thankful face of the Corgi! 


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