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This Small Pup Is Bored, So He Befriends His Reflection Being a puppy in a single dog household can be boring. This pup's solution to finding a playmate is adorable!


There are pros and cons to being an only child. The pros are a little peace and quiet, having all the parental attention you want, and knowing your toys are exactly where you left them. The cons of being a single child are having too much peace and quiet, too much parental attention, and having no one to play with!

When this adorable puppy gets bored, he finds a new friend in a place you’d least expect: his own reflection. The video starts with the puppy noticing his own reflection and taking a playful stance.

When the pup in the mirror won’t make the first move, he pounces on him while playfully barking. The pup really lets his reflection have it while letting out terrifyingly cute barks and even growling! It seems as though the puppy is thinking that he’s finally met his match. Another puppy who looks just like him and just won’t back down while playing! This video really is a must see for a good laugh and wholesome fun!

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