This Christmas Advert Is The Only One You Need To See


This John Lewis Christmas commercial featuring Buster the Boxer, and a slew of adorable animated woodlands creatures is enough to bring out holiday cheer in anybody; even the Grinch! 


The advertisement begins with a little girl being put to bed on Christmas Eve. Next, you see her father struggling to put together her new Christmas gift: a new trampoline. He finally gets it together and feeling accomplished, heads back inside. 



It's not long before Buster, the Boxer, peeks into the backyard to find 2 foxes climbing up on the trampoline. They're soon followed by a European badger and an assortment of other cute critters. The next morning, the little girl wakes up and excitedly runs to play on her new trampoline. But much to the entirely family's amazement, Buster beats her to the trampoline and begins jumping expertly! 


There are so many subtle lessons about sharing, remembering to have fun, patience, family and friendship. We hope you enjoy!


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