Stray Dog With Broken Spine Gets Life Changed When Woman Rescues Him

It was a normal family vacation until Kiara Ijzendoorn noticed a stray dog struggling to walk. Out of curiosity, she followed the animal and discovered it was suffering from a broken spine.


Family vacations are meant to have fun connecting on a deeper level with your family members. Condensed, concentrated time that fosters communication, laughter and love all while creating lifelong memories with the people who matter most. 


Kiara Ijzendoorn knew she was going to make memories while on a family vacation in Crete, Greece, but she had no idea that something completely life-changing was about to happen. 


During her family vacation, she came across a stray dog that was suffering from a broken spine. The sight of the dog’s deformed back as it struggled to walk, tugged at Kiara’s heart. Out of curiosity, she followed the dog and discovered that it lived all alone in an abandoned barn.



“His leg was totally paralyzed. He had a big bump on his back that was his broken spine,” Kiara told The Dodo. “We stopped the car so he could crawl out of the way, but he looked like a heap.”



Kiara couldn't just leave the dog behind. So she let the dog into her heart and named her new friend Fos, which translates to “shining” in Greek. Each day for the rest of her vacation, she visited with the lonely animal and knew she would have to find a way to take him home with her. Despite his severe injuries, Fos was extremely sweet and lovable.



Kiara took the dog to a rescue clinic to formally adopt him. The staff was shocked by his injuries and explained that it was obvious he had been abused. They also explained that if she didn't rescue him when she did, Fos would have died from his injuries. Promising him a better life, Kiara flew back home to Holland with her newest family member.



“He walks better now and his bump isn’t as big,” Kiara said. “He is scared of older men and some cats.”


Fos has made himself at home with his new family. His serious spinal injury is still healing, but Kiara says he is getting better every day. He certainly has added to the memory of that vacation! 



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