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Sleepy Husky Refuses To Get Out Of Bed, Hilariously Argues With Owner This is how all of us feel on early mornings!


Some days we dread getting out of bed. For a husky named Zeus, every day is a day he dreads getting out of bed!

Zeus the Stubborn Husky is famous. Really famous. He has his own YouTube and Instagram pages. His YouTube channel alone has over 114,000 followers.

He lives up to the “stubborn” in his YouTube channel’s name for sure. He digs his heels in and complains about being asked to do even the simplest of tasks.

He will complain about the tiniest things. Like the time he insisted on sitting in the front seat. Or the time he spent 10 minutes complaining about going to the vet for a routine checkup. If Zeus doesn’t want to do something, he’ll let you know! And he doesn’t want to do very many things!

Huskies are known to be stubborn and free-spirited dogs with a lot of energy. They’re also famous for being extremely vocal dogs. Along with their primitive wolf-like looks, they seem to choose a more primitive means of communication as well, often electing to howl and whine more than they choose to bark.

Zeus’ expressive face, stubborn nature and almost nonstop vocalizations have made him a star on the internet and it’s easy to see why.

Zeus is 10 years old, but you’d think he was a broody teenager by the way he complains about having to get up. His owner insists that he must get up and uses breakfast as a bribe. Not even the prospect of scoring a good meal works and it takes several minutes to convince him to start his day.

Zeus is the canine version of our inner teenager who just wants to sleep in, eat ice cream and be spoiled. Zeus is living the life!

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