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Quality Food Customized Just for Your Dog

Have you ever wished that you could easily provide your dog with a specialized dog food that could improve your dog’s allergies, prevent food intolerances, strengthen the immune system, reduce itching, prevent inflammation, and improve overall health?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to purchase a food that was healthy for dogs, not processed, packed with nutrition that is easily absorbed, and specialized just for your dog?


The Wrong Foods Can Cause Health Problems in Dogs


Despite your desire to provide your dogs with the best food possible, not everyone has the time or ability to create the right homemade diet for their dogs and it is often difficult for owners of allergy dogs or dog’s with other health problems to find the right food.


It seems there is always an ingredient or preservative that triggers:


  • Allergies
  • Itching
  • Yeast infections
  • Ear infections
  • Red, irritated paws
  • Hot spots
  • Inflammation
  • Hair loss
  • and more


If you can’t find one, short of making it yourself, you may have given on ever finding the perfect food. One that has all the nutrition your dog requires, does not make your dog itch, that you don’t have to supplement with other foods, and comes with no worries about what you’re feeding your beloved pet.


The Right Diet Can Reduce Itching, Allergies and Other Health Problems


If this all sounds familiar to you, you may have tried preparing food for your dog in the past and for whatever reason, resumed feeding your dog a store bought food only to have the cycle of health problems resume.


While we understand that not every health issue can be resolved through diet, many can and that is why so many dog owners swear by feeding their dogs a raw diet or homemade dog food. There are countless stories about how such diets literally saved the lives of ill dogs, improved their health, not to mention gave them a beautiful coat, and pearly white teeth.


The Right Dog Food is at your Fingertips


Because of all the messages we get every day and all the posts on Facebook about allergy dogs and other health concerns, we spent considerable time researching and were thrilled to discover a company that is dedicated to creating a custom diet for dogs and delivers it frozen right to your door!


It is very easy to order and the price compares with many other healthy foods and homemade diets.  The food is made from human grade ingredients sourced in the United States and prepared in small batches.


You simply visit the site, create a profile for your dog, and let them know about your dog’s allergies and health concerns. They will then create a food just for you!  So whatever your dog is allergic too, you can rest assured; it will not be in your food.


The Health Benefits of the Correct Diet for your Dog


The food is made from raw or lightly cooked meats, vegetables and fruits so that your dog can absorb all the necessary nutrients that are vital to good health and boosts the immune system. A weakened immune system is often the culprit in allergies and many other diseases common to dogs.


The food is free from all the dangerous fillers, preservatives, and other nasty ingredients we are warned over and over are dangerous to pets.


The name of the company is Top Dog Dinners and we took significant time to speak with the owner, Peter Pfisterer, who is a wealth of knowledge and interesting to chat with.


Mr. Pfisterer is on a crusade to help dog owners keep their pets as healthy and safe as possible, he explains his mission here:


“On February 25th 2007, I killed Bruno, my boxer, the best friend I’ve ever had, by feeding him commercial, canned dog food, prepared from the poisoned components imported by  Menu Foods.”


“Because of New York State law, the makers of the food could not be brought to justice, so I decided to punish them by making the best, natural dog food and setting the standard so high, that no commercial dog food manufacturer can ever measure up to these standards. Real, customized dog food is not only my business…it’s my PERSONAL CRUSADE.”


The Dangers of Processed Dog Foods Containing Grains and Fillers


As you will recall, beginning in 2007, thousands of dogs and cats died from eating contaminated pet foods that contained grains imported from China.  The corn, wheat, rice, and soy ingredients were contaminated with melamine and over 100 well known, popular brands of foods were recalled by Menu Foods.   Sadly, we will never know the true count of how many beloved pets lost their lives.


Natural Food for Better Health:


Top Dog Dinners prepares their custom foods from 5-7 kinds of meats, fruits, veggies, and herbs.  Some are raw and some are lightly cooked for maximum absorbency and nutrition.  The company mimics nature, the same diet that our dog's ancestors ate in the wild.  The plant matter is slightly cooked to make it easier to digest and process, which is necessary for proper nutrition.


The ingredients are purchased fresh and used the same day.  The dog food is then vacuum sealed in daily portion pouches and frozen for shipping (on dry ice).  They also hand deliver meals to their local customers weekly. 


The Dog Food is Free of Ingredients that often make Dogs Sick or Cause Allergies


The food is free from all the ingredients that are known to cause allergies or make dogs sick. Such as:


Anti caking agents, anti gelling agents, antimicrobial agents, ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, propylene glycol, melamine, propyl gallate, emulsifiers, petroleum derivatives, flavoring agents, grinding agents, by-products, rendered meat meals, meat by-products, chicken by-products, fish meals, meat and bone meals, 4 D’s (dead, diseased, dying, disabled animals), corn gluten, wheat gluten, animal digests, starch, corn, soybean meal, texturizers, and stabilizers.


Since the food is custom made, it is perfect for allergy dogs or those owners who have specific religious beliefs.    


The food contains ingredients such as:


Beef, chicken, bacon, beef hearts, lungs, liver, tripe, ground chicken wings, apples, soy oil, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, carrots, yams, chicory, eggs, turmeric, garlic, lettuce, oat mills, rosemary, flax seed, salmon oil, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.


If you have been looking for food that is


  • Custom designed
  • Includes raw and cooked ingredients
  • Fresh
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • All ingredients sourced in the USA
  • Created by Professor J.Barteczko
  • Meets all AAFCO standards
  • And, much more


Please visit Top Dog Dinners for more information. At the time of this writing, they are offering a limited time free sample!




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