Pups Keep Digging Under Fence To See Each Other, Neighbors Come Up With Ingenious Idea

Potate, or Tate for short, was adopted as a stray pup who had been living on the streets. Hailee Graham and her husband took the dog in when they spotted Tate at a shelter.



Not long after the Grahams brought the Tate home, their next-door neighbor got a dog roughly the same age as Tate. The new doggy neighbor, named Vernon, sniffed out Tate in no time. It didn't take much longer after that for the pups to decide to meet their new neighbor face to face.



The dogs began digging holes under the fence, so they could see each other. They're families did everything they could, but they couldn't stop the excavation work. That's when the Grahams came up with an ingenious plan.



The neighbors originally thought about setting up doggy playdates, but then Hailee was struck with a real 'EUREKA' moment! Why not put a doggy door in the fence so that Tate and Vernon could socialize whenever they wanted?



After consulting with their neighbors, the tools came out! Now the dogs could play together anytime without the humans having to get involved in planning playdates for them. Tate couldn't wait for the installation to be complete!



Now Tate and Vernon are living the dream! New homes. New canine companions. And double the yard space!



“They love being together!” Graham said. “I don’t know if they are actually in love, but I like to think so.”



Hailee's solution was the perfect solution for these pups and these 2 families and Hailee hopes this brings awareness of out-of-the-box solutions to problems involving dogs.



I must say, we're all impressed by this ingenuity!


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Photo credits: Hailee Graham

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