Puppy Rejected By Mother Gets Miraculously Adopted By Cat Who Recently Had A Litter

There are many reasons why a dog might reject her puppies after she gives birth to a litter. From an underlying illness to the obvious condition of mastitis, when dogs do reject their young, it is necessary for them to receive their nutrition from another source. Often times, it is in the form of a bottle from a shelter or veterinarian. But every once in a while, a special story like this one will emerge. 


This puppy had been rejected by his mother at birth for unknown reasons. However, instead of taking to a bottle, he was brought to a feline who had just birthed her own litter on the same day. While most people think canines and felines are major enemies, they actually get along quite often! 



Lucky for this little pup, he was accepted and adopted right in by this mama cat and her litter. He did have to learn to adapt to the way of the cat breed because they definitely live a bit different than dogs. One of the “social rules” of felines has to do with nursing. Kittens scent tag their moms nipples and then return to the same nipple every time they feed. 


However puppies live by pack rules. They fight and push to get to the nearest nipple to get their nourishment. So this little guys isn’t quite conforming to all the rules, but he’s getting the love he needs and that’s what’s important.



We are so glad he found a little family to join while he grows up. Hopefully he will be permanently adopted into a loving forever family! 


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