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Puppies Have The Cutest Conversation Ever! This is one hilarious conversation!


Do you remember the first time you met a kid outside? What was your reaction? Did you run away, kicking and screaming, or did you throw yourself at the new friend? It must have been some endeavor! When two puppies meet, however, it’s an event all on its own! Watch what happens when an adorable Shiba Inu mix puppy (who had never barked prior to this encounter!) meets a Husky puppy for the first time. Watch how they interact with one another!

Considering the vast audience that has gathered around these two, we think it is a safe bet to say that they are acting this argument! Both breeds are naturally talkative, so each gives the other the incentive to be louder than before! So adorable!

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Check out this hilarious conversation between two puppies!

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