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Pug Runs Away From Home, Officers Take Her Doggy Mugshot Dubbed ‘Pugshot’ After her 'arrest,' she was taken down to the station.


Dogs are supposed to be the most law abiding of all pets. We even use dogs to help law enforcement officers do their day to day duties. They help ‘take a bite out of crime,’ and are so much more trustworthy than those sneaky ‘cat’ burglars. But what happens when man’s best friend finds itself on the other side of the law?

Cape May Police Department

The Cape May Police Department in New Jersey received phone calls about one such dog this past Sunday. A pug had escaped from her owners and refused to come home. Luckily, she wasn’t very good at the whole fugitive-from-the-law bit.

“Our officer went down and found the dog, picked her up and brought her back to the station,” Anthony Marino, Cape May Police chief, said.

After her ‘arrest,’ she was taken down to the station.

Cape May Police Department

The officers didn’t know what other crimes she may have committed, or where she escaped from. They brainstormed and came up with a brilliant idea. They could post a doggy version of a mugshot, a ‘pugshot’ if you will, on social media to help find her family or other witnesses!

“They decided to take her mugshot to get her picture out on social media in kind of a humorous way,” Marino said. “We wanted to find the owner, because at that point we had no idea who the owner was.”

Until family could be located, she had to be remanded into custody to reflect on her ways.

Cape May Police Department

The dog’s photo was posted on Facebook with a short, simple caption: “This is what happens when you run away from home.” In just a few hours, it was receiving thousands of likes and shares.

“We use social media a lot. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people. You can reach a ton of people. It’s a great way for us to get investigative leads,” Marino said. “And sure enough, someone who saw the Facebook post knew the dog’s owner and got in touch with them. We were able to reunite the dog and her owner. Everyone found it funny, but it ended up finding the owner for us.”

The dog, who we now know is named Bean; is home now, lesson learned. We rest assured that Cape May Police Department will keep a vigilant eye out just in case she decides to reoffend!

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