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Package Thieves Go Home Empty Handed, Thanks To Black Lab Good job, Zero! It's amazing that this thwarted theft was all caught on film!


A family in Utah is crediting their dog for foiling a petty porch thief’s plans for their package.

Zero, a 9-year-old black lab, isn’t exactly what you’d call a tough guy. His owners even go as far as to call him a bit of a scaredy cat.

“Just a lab that’s scared of everyone and everything,” laughed Zero’s owner, Whitney Cahoon. “I mean dusters, plastic bags, the cats… he’s terrified of the cats.”

So how then did Zero become a Superhero?

“I just kind of yelled, ‘Get ‘em Zero! Get ‘em!” Cahoon said.

A doorbell camera caught what happened next. A man can be seen running up to their porch and grabbing a package. A few moments later, Zero bolts from the house towards the thief. The thief ran and jumped into his getaway car, but he threw the package back out onto the road.

“He just went for it, it was awesome!” said Cahoon.

Whitney said that package theft has sadly become a common occurrence in the neighborhood.

“People have been trying to steal packages, they’ve caught them on camera, but never here,” she said. “We’re on a pretty busy street, I didn’t think that anybody would ever dare attempt that.”

Thanks to Zero, Cahoon’s home won’t be added to the list of those stolen from.

“I’m hoping that the word spread from them not to mess with us,” Cahoon said.

Perhaps you’re wondering what was in the package. It was just a four-dollar dimmer switch from Ikea. Whitney said she thinks it would have been pretty funny if the guy had gotten away with the caper because the item was basically worthless!

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