Nobody Will Be Breaking Into This House

People all over the world get dogs for the purpose of making themselves feel more secure in their own home. Having an animal that is keenly aware of his surroundings can add a sense of security for a family, someone who lives alone or even someone who isn’t home very often. 


This video portrays a good dog named Maddie. Maddie’s dad, Mike Taddeo, took the camera outside to show just how aware and intelligent his sweet girl is. Mike starts walking around the premises of his home, being sure to get the windows in the frame.



He goes from window to window and you can see Maddie pop into each window checking out whatever is going on outside. This is some alert watch dogging! 



It is so cute, but also comforting, to watch Maddie’s intuitiveness and watchful behavior. Mike’s house sure is in good hands! 


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