Nearly 100 Military K9 Soldiers Coming Home From Service In Afghanistan

We all know that dogs have far more capabilities than just being the family pet, though we don’t discount that AT ALL! We love our fur babies!! But it really is incredible to see these dogs living up to their potential. AMK9, the leading global provider of K9 Detection Services, attempted the nearly impossible task of bringing home 92 military dogs from over 7,000 miles away. There was endless amount of prep work that had to be accomplished before they could even try this.


The generous people who work with these dogs don’t just stop when they get them on the home shore. They keep going until they are sure the dogs are properly placed in either loving homes for retirement or, for the ones still able to serve in active duty, they retrain them to go back out in the field.




Working with Piper’s Playhouse in Anniston, Alabama, AMK9 was able to successfully complete their mission. We couldn’t be more proud of their work! We hope many more dogs can benefit from this amazing endeavor.




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