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Man Sees Dogs Staring Over Blanket, Then Hears Crying, When He Gets Closer, He’s In Shock These dogs saved a baby’s life and refused to let her out of their sight until help arrived.


Ulnas Chowdhury was walking through the woods near his house one day when he heard a baby crying. The sound seemed out of place in the middle of the woods, so he followed the sounds until he saw a pack of 4 dogs guarding a tiny bundle in the bushes.

The tiny bundle wound up being a baby girl.

As Chowdhury approached, the dogs started barking and wagging their tails, seemingly glad that somebody had come to rescue the baby.

The dogs continued to guard the baby as he gathered some neighbors to come help him with the baby. Parveen Sen provided the baby with some milk, and she stopped crying.

The dogs stayed nearby until the police came and took the baby. The girl is in good hands now, and the dogs are heroes! Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend; they’re apparently a baby girl’s best friend, too!

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