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Man Goes To Surrender His Dog, But Letter From Previous Owner Has Him In Tears If this doesn’t move you, woah.


Moving to a new city and starting fresh is difficult, especially if you do it alone. One of the first desires is to find companionship. Meeting people and new friends can be really challenging, so many people resort to getting a new pet. This man did this and his dog changed his life.

The man had moved to a new city and just needed someone to help him not feel so alone. He loved dogs, so he decided to go check out the local shelters. He finally found Reggie, a 6-year-old Labrador. He happily adopted Reggie.

However, when he would try to interact with Reggie and play and have fun, Reggie didn’t seem interested. The man figured he just picked the wrong dog for his lifestyle. They just didn’t mesh together well. Since the shelter had a 2-week return policy, the man felt okay about returning the dog. However, when he was getting everything together, he came across a letter from the original owner that was reserved for whomever took Reggie in. Somehow it had gotten lost in the hustle bustle of getting Reggie home and trying to adapt him to his new environment.


Take a look:

As it turned out, Reggie’s (or Tank’s) previous owner was a soldier named Paul Mallory who had hoped his dog would find a loving home. Mallory was killed in action saving his three friends.

This letter changed the way the man perceived life. He saw Tank, and his own life, in a whole new way and has renewed gratitude and respect for those who serve and their loved ones.

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