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Lazy Golden Refuses To Leave Park Golden Retrievers are a little bit too big to pick up and carry when they refuse to walk – so what do you do? This guy has a unique solution!


This Golden Retriever has decided that it’s a perfect day for a nap in the park. Dad is ready to go, but the dog says no!

Rather than trying to drag his dog away, this clever dad has a few ideas on how to get his dog moving.

First, he gently grabs hold of his dog’s legs and tries to flip the dog onto his belly, so that he’ll at least have his legs under him. When that doesn’t work, he does some Jazzercize moves with the dog’s legs to encourage him to work up some energy.

That’s where the handy-dandy stick comes in. First, he tries teasing the dog with it, trying to get the dog to latch on so he can pull him up.

Then he pulls the stick away, encouraging the dog to follow it. No luck there, either. The tiny stick isn’t working. Dad doesn’t give up, though – he just finds a bigger stick!

Finally, a nice long stick placed in Dad’s mouth gets the dog’s attention, and he springs up and jogs after Dad – likely trying to figure out how to snatch that snazzy stick!

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