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It’s Time For A Walk, But Husky Argues About Wearing A Collar What a chatterbox!


Some dogs are more ‘talkative’ than others. And huskies are very near the top when it comes to talkative breeds. But this young husky, named K’eyush, or ‘Key’ for short, is in the running for the most talkative husky of all!

One of the basic responsibilities of a dog owner is to walk the dog. When Key’s mom asks, “Do you want to go for a walk?” He’s all too excited to go … until his mom tells him he can’t go outside ‘naked’ and must put his collar on.

Key may like to talk and argue, but he just walks off at the prospect of having to wear a collar. His mom has to follow him to even continue the conversation. But like most moms, Key’s mom is absolutely right! He can’t go out without his collar and lead for his own safety. After a short argument and a long conversation, Key is finally convinced that he must wear his collar.

All is well in the end. He tells his mom he’s had a great walk and even gets some crunchy treats out of the deal. Hopefully he learned his lesson about moms always being right!

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