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Impatient Dog Has The Best Way To Get His Dad To Hurry Up He waited until his owner had just disappeared into the store and then had everyone in the parking lot in stitches!


This Airedale Terrier in Altoona, Pennsylvania is tired of waiting for his owner to finish with his errands, so he has decided to take matters into his own hands!

Despite his friend in the back seat looking rather embarrassed, the dog presses on the car horn endlessly, probably knowing that his flustered owner will come running back to the car as quickly as he can!

The dog pauses his horn blowing briefly to look at the woman in the next car over who is filming the whole incident, then looks straight ahead and resumes pressing on the horn.

The woman laughs and says, “Apparently he wants his Papa to get out of the store!”

It’s probably a good thing most dogs haven’t figured this out yet, or the world would be a much louder place!

If you’re glad your dog doesn’t have a horn to get your attention, be sure to share this video to spread some laughter in this world!

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