Illinois Animal Shelter Asking for Armchair Donations To Help Adoptable Dogs Relax

The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois had a unique idea to help dogs they had up for adoption feel more comfortable while they waited for forever homes.



One of their resident pups, Buster Brown, was adopted as a puppy but returned as an adult. He didn’t mind being back, but he hated being in a kennel, so the office staff let him hang out with them. Only thing is, Buster isn’t a floor kind of dog – he kept stealing people’s chairs and even sharing a chair with a person if there wasn’t an empty one available.


A local company donated an old armchair they were getting rid of, and Buster became quite the happy, relaxed office mascot. That gave the staff an idea – every adoptable dog should have an armchair to help them feel more at home.


After asking for donations on their Facebook page, almost half of their 50 adoptable dogs have armchairs in their kennels, and many of those dogs, especially those who have been at the shelter the longest, are noticeably more relaxed.


If you’re interested in donating an armchair, you can reach out to the Knox County Humane Society on their Facebook page.


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