IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Homeless Dogs, Customer's Reactions Are Priceless

An IKEA store in Catania, Italy, has opened its doors to local stray doors to get them out of the elements. IKEA has a long history of helping out dogs. The retailer famously teamed up with Home For Hope by displaying cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs in their locations to help get dogs adopted and into new homes.


Martine Taccia, a customer, was shopping when she discovered the dogs relaxing in one of the living room displays. She took out her camera and captured a heartwarming video of the pups:



Giving the dogs a place to get out of the cold is all one could ask of IKEA, but they go a step above and beyond by also providing food and water daily and lots love. Some of the dogs have even been adopted by their customers!




Other Instagram photos show that customers are in love with IKEA's idea!






Even if other stores don't go this far with helping animals in need, hopefully IKEA will serve as an example of kindness and charity to other businesses.


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