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Husky Verbally Says “No” To Kennel Time We all know Huskies love to talk back – but they don’t usually speak this clearly!


Blaze is an 11-month-old Husky who lives in New Hampshire, and he’s not a very big fan of his kennel! When his Dad tells him it’s time to go in his kennel, Blaze very clearly tells his dad “No!”

Dad laughs and tries to encourage Blaze to go to his kennel, but Blaze keeps repeating “No” over and over again, with each one captioned for more hilarity!

Even the man recording the video can’t stop laughing at Blaze’s antics. Dad must be getting hot in that warm winter coat, but he keeps gently nudging Blaze and trying to get the dog to go to his kennel without being forced.

The video ends without any resolution, so I guess we’ll never know whether or not Blaze ever got into his kennel!

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