Husky Delivers Hilarious Response When Mom Asks If She’s Stupid

Huskies are known to have quite large personalities. They are communicative and playful and have an enormous amount of energy. Mishka the Husky is no exception.


Mishka is a very talkative dog, and it’s not simple infantile gibberish either. It’s very obvious, especially to her mom, that she knows and understands what’s happening around her and she responds appropriately to most conversations. 


In the video, you can hear her mom calling out “I love you!” to Mishka. And it is clear that Mishka responds with “I wuv youuuuu.” Mom calls out a couple more questions that Mishka affirms in the tone of her responding howl. But her mom wants to know if this is just happenstance or if real communication is taking place.



So she takes the questions over to the negative side with “Are you stupid?” 


Mishka immediately answers that question with a very clear “Noooooo!” as she walks away from the conversation. The family can’t help but laugh! The internet is in stitches! 



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