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Husky Argues With Mom About Eating The Couch Blu isn't taking the blame for this one, even if he is guilty!


The correct answer to Mom’s “What did you do?” is “I tore up the couch while you were at work,” but I don’t think that’s the answer that Blu is giving!

He presents a very loud defense, even if it isn’t understandable to us humans. The louder Mom questions him, the louder he defends himself!

“Why did you do that to the couch?” is met with even louder protests from Blu. Mom can’t even get a word in edgewise in her line of questioning due to his continuous complaining.

Perhaps he was saying, “But Mom, you were gone, and I was bored! What else was I supposed to do?”

Eventually, even his angry mom has to laugh at his complaints. The video ends with her saying, “Bad boy,” but Blu doesn’t look very guilty.

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