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Hilarious Husky Argues Over Who Broke The Beanbag This dog is hilarious and quite the talker!


Key, the talkative Husky, is at it again. This time he won’t come clean about who ripped up his bean bag and made a mess!

Clearly, the bean bag exploded by magic and he’s completely innocent. He would never purposely damage property, especially his own bed.

When his mom insists it couldn’t be magic, he blames everything from werewolves to bears … stuffed bears. I mean, they can’t be ruled out as a possibility just yet. Just because you’ve never seen a werewolf or a stuffed bear come to life and destroy a bean bag, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that they exist, right?

Key’s mom had to drain the beans out of the bag to repair it and he looked awfully depressed about it. Maybe he learned his lesson. But not long after we discover what really happened. As Key’s mom is talking to him, he decides the bean bag looks like a great thing to play with. His remorse for destroying his favorite place to lay didn’t last very long.

If you ask me, things don’t look good for the future of that bean bag! Go easy, Key!

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