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Hero German Shepherd Wakes Owners During Fire, Saves Everyone Inside Meet Max the hero German Shepherd! 👏


In Montgomery County, Maryland, an 8-year-old German Shepherd named Max is being hailed a hero after he woke up his family of four, alerting them to a fire that caused some $425,000 worth of damage to their home.

This is Max. The dog being hailed a hero after saving his family.

“It was an alarm technically, he was very desperate trying to say something, get our attention, get out,” said homeowner Miriam Rodriguez.

The family said the dog woke them up last Monday night by barking incessantly. Firefighters say the dangerous thing about this particular fire was that there was no smoke in the house, so the fire alarms hadn’t activated.

All four people inside the home got out safely after Rodriguez alerted her sleeping husband and two adult sons.

“Seeing everything you have worked for burning down in minutes, that was the sad part,” Rodriguez said.

The family’s biggest concern is their cat, Lucy. Lucy managed to get out of the house the night of the fire but hasn’t been seen since. That’s right, Max even saved the cat.

“She’s very friendly, she must be scared because she hasn’t come back yet,” Rodriguez said.

Even though Lucy hasn’t been found, the family is still grateful to Max that everyone, including Lucy, made it out of the house alive that fateful night.

“If I can call him a hero, I personally think that he’s our hero, he saved our lives,” Rodriguez said.

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