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Great Dane Throws Tantrum When Ignored, His Antics Have Mom & Dad Cracking Up Random factoid! Scooby Doo is a Great Dane! And much like this 'pup,' he wasn't one to be ignored!


Dinky is a Great Dane, and along with his great name, and great size, comes great jealousy! When Dinky’s dad shows his sibling more attention than him, Dinky throws a full-blown tantrum from the couch!

Great Danes are big, happy, lazy, clumsy oafs at home; and their owners wouldn’t have it any other way! But you may not know about their goofy side because they exude pure elegance and regality in public. Dinky is here to prove what Danes are like at home on a daily basis!

Dinky’s whine/growl sounds more like a big cat wrestling a grizzly bear than what you’d expect to hear come from a dog. And Dinky blesses his dad with an earful of his deep, throaty voice when his brother, named Romeo, is shown (in Dinky’s opinion) too much attention!

Dinky’s dad tells Dinky to be patient and wait his turn. “I can give Ro Ro lovies too,” says dad. “You’re just tired and crabby. It’s okay for me to love Ro Ro,” Dinky’s dad exclaims. This, of course, falls on the deaf ears of Dinky, who is far too invested in arguing to agree with his dad!

This video is adorable and something you have to see for yourself! Enjoy!

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