Great Dane Gets Furious When Dinner Plans Change, Let's His Owners Know With Hilarious Tantrum

This family has had Great Danes for many years, as they find them incredibly intelligent, with a sweet disposition. The cartoon dog Scooby Doo is a very good representation of this breed of dog. This owner previously had 3 Great Danes. Fenway was the first, and when he was four years old they got the two pups, Apollo, and Sirius. The three of them played together all day long, running around the yard and wrestling in the living room of their house, but unfortunately lost both Fenway and Apollo three years ago to bone cancer and a brain tumor. Sirius at the time butted heads with Fenway the older dog as Sirius being younger was also an alpha dog, and Apollo was the referee.


Sirius is now eight years old, but still acts like a puppy, as presented in this video. Since he is now this family’s only dog he has become much more attached to them. He has also become much more demanding in his hilariously assertive way.



The whole dinner and chicken ordeal is something they go through on a daily basis. They had always fed the three dogs in the morning and then again at 4:30 pm. After the other two dogs passed, Sirius then began to demand his afternoon meal earlier and earlier. His request for his afternoon meal has gotten more vocal and assertive over time. The video depicts how he acts pretty much anytime owners don't jump up and feed him as soon as they get home. As you can tell both the words "chicken", and "dinner", tend to set him off.


This is the hilarious moment a spoiled Great Dane pooch throws epic temper tantrum at his owner over dinner. Watch as the gigantic canine starts whining and begging for chicken. Hilarious!


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