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Good Dog Drags Garbage Bag Home – And Its Contents Shocked His Owners There was absolutely nothing that could have prepared him for what was inside.


Pui, a male Thai Bangkaew, has won the hearts of many in Thailand because of one heroic act. Pui is a canine belonging to Gumnerd Thongmak and his family. Originating from Tha Rua district in Bangkok, Pui has made local headlines as the dog who drug a valuable garbage bag home.

It’s not abnormal for Pui to visit the dumpster, however this time ended a little differently when he came across a white plastic bag that he could sense was something special. He gently pulled it out from the tall pile of debris and brought it home. His family, used to him being gone most of the day, came immediately to investigate once he started barking at the bag to get their attention. At first, they scolded Pui for bringing trash home – until the bag caught their attention.

The bag moved – there was something inside! Thongmak’s niece snipped the top of the bag open and peered inside – she could barely speak as she saw a real, newborn baby that was actually alive!

The family quickly rushed the infant to the hospital. Doctors informed them that the baby was premature, gestational age of merely 7 months’ old. Her weight clocked in at 4 pounds and 8 ounces, which is tiny for a newborn. However, the baby was alive and doctors managed to get her stable.

Pui received a leather collar as well as a medal courtesy of the Tha Rua district Red Cross Chapter – for saving the baby’s life! Pui’s owner even got a $300 reward for his dog’s heroic act!


Local police believe that the baby’s mother was most likely a teenage girl working at a  factory nearby.

Pui’s other owner, Poomrat Thongmak, has expressed her interest in adopting the baby girl as one of her own.

The reason? Thongmak smiles and said that it was “destiny” which brought them all together as one happy family.

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