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Giant Dog Is Enchanted By Baby’s Laughter Oh my gosh, this is so adorable!


A Cane Corso dog can be so quiet when indoors and Neo, an 11-month-old, is a true reflection of his breed’s characteristics. The opening of the video reveals an absolutely relaxed and distressed surrounding. Neo lying in his armchair like a real couch potato, totally surrendered to the calamity of the peaceful atmosphere of his home but still watchful in case something happens that demands his specialty. Resting aimlessly with no particular purpose on his mind, all of a sudden Neo is caught in a weird laugh. Where does it come from?

And how can such a loud and powerful laugh be produced by a baby ?This dog can’t believe it. Instead of spending his day idly, he is listening to the baby’s laughter in a baffled way, not sure what to expect next. Puzzled by the continuous laughter, at the very beginning Neo just tilts his head left to right, until he realizes that this laughter is not going away. In all that amazement, the pooch gets up slowly, swinging his head more attentively when he decides to get off the armchair and check out for himself what on earth is that laughter about.

Cane Corso is a mastiff breed from Italy. Though it looks very athletic, stout and of strong built, people should never be afraid of this breed because his natural instinct is of a guard dog . The Cane Corso is confident, reserved and alert to its surroundings.

Like most dogs, it is eager to please its owner and is very obedient when trained. It forms strong bonds with its owner and is very protective of them. His docile and affectionate nature makes it a perfect pet for families with children. It looks like quite dominant but will always respect the people who look after it.

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