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German Shepherds Greet First Goslings Of The Year, Melts The Internet’s Heart Warning: This is some powerfully cute stuff!


Spring has yet to show its face, but it’s right around the corner. We’re so close now that the first batches of goslings are already hatching!

Speaking of goslings, German Shepherds, named Thorin and Charon, are the resident gosling greeting crew. When some newcomers hatched this week, Thorin and Charon were ready to do their duty and welcome the new babies into the world.

Thorin and Charon are interested in the new comers and give them a good sniff and a few licks. They try their best to be gentle. They almost seem confused. As if they know the goslings are babies, but they know they’re not babies of the same species as them. They appear to want to care for the goslings, but they also appear unsure of how to go about being good goose parents.

Do they need to carry the babies somewhere safe? Do goslings need to be thoroughly cleaned like puppies? Thorin and Charon have no clue! But they do know these tiny new friends are fragile and need someone to look after them.

The goslings appear unfazed by their new friends. The newly hatched babies still aren’t steady on their feet, but they seem to gravitate to the dogs for their company.

One thing is for certain. No foxes, raccoons, or coyotes will bother these goslings, so long as their German Shepherd pals are around!

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