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German Shepherd Spymaster Uses Hole In Fence To Spot Friends Sometimes I feel like, somebody's watching me!


Skottke, the German Shepherd, loves to play and run the fence with the neighbor dogs. There’s only one problem: the fence is a privacy fence. How would she know if her friends were even outside to play?

Well, Skottke is an intelligent dog and it didn’t take long for her to discover a loophole in the system by way of a physical hole in the fence. And thus, was born a spymaster!

Skottke doesn’t always hit a home run. Sometimes her friends are simply not outside to play with her.

That may dampen her mood, because the highlight of her day is to play with her canine companions while spending time with her family. But luckily for her, her second favorite thing to do is to be outside in the yard with her family. And she gets to do that every day of the week!

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