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German Shepherd Sees Tiny Kitten Having Trouble With The Stairs, He Goes To Help And It’s So Adorable This is beyond adorable!


Tennyson is a very large German Shepherd. Luckily, he’s a gentle giant, and he happens to be best friends with a teeny tiny kitten!

It’s time to go upstairs, but the tiny kitten is struggling to get up them alone. When Tennyson first tries to help the kitten, Mom says, “Nope, let him do it himself.”

Despite Mom’s warning, Tennyson isn’t very patient. He wants to grab the kitten by the scruff of his neck, but the dog’s mouth is too large, and the kitten’s scruff is too small, so Tennyson VERY GENTLY places the kitten’s head in his mouth and carries him up the last few stairs.

When Tennyson finally puts the kitten down, they immediately cuddle up together at the top of the stairs and look down at Mom like, “What’s the problem?”

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