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German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take His Nap, Now Watch Mom’s Reaction… Pretty much every mom in the world can relate to this German Shepherd mom... And every kid remembers being exactly like this puppy, too!


Getting young children to sleep, and to stay asleep, is one of the biggest challenges of early parenthood. Late naps, hunger, playfulness, and excitement are all reasons for kids to avoid sleeping. And apparently that goes for the dog world, too. While we’ve seen puppies desperately trying to avoid falling asleep, the German shepherd in this video just has too much energy for nap time.

In the viral video, Kali the puppy starts playing with its toys while the mother German shepherd tries to get some much-needed shuteye. When she realizes the pup has wandered away from his bed, she jumps up to check on him. The dog’s instincts kick in as she walks him back to his comfy bed, gently nudging for him to stay put.

Their owners made sure to keep the cameras rolling, and I’m grateful to her for letting us share in this heartwarming moment. This puppy was actually a rescue, but this mama dog stepped right in, caring for the tiny puppy like it was her own. Perhaps this little guy just needed a little persuasion, but trying to get this puppy to bed proved to be a bit of a challenge for this mom. (We think all parents can relate to that!)

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