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German Shepherd Loves To Be Pet, So Owner Invents Petting Machine I thought this was going to be really silly, but now I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen!


If a dog had thumbs, what would they build? We’re guessing that they’d build an automatic dog petting machine. Thankfully for this lucky German Shepherd, its owner decided to build one.

In Garden City, Michigan, an unnamed inventor and dog lover put his ingenuity to work to build an automatic dog petting machine for his canine friend. The video was filmed on 2/06/2019, which explains everything. It’s awful cold in Grand City this time of the year and there isn’t much to do to keep busy when you’re stuck inside!

Using wooden cogs and a lot of wooden sprockets, the machine turns 2 wooden arms with hands attached into doggy paradise. The longer arm swings back and forth in a stroking manner, the other pats the dog in an up and down motion on the back, just above the tail.

There are a few drawbacks. The German Shepherd thoroughly enjoys the machine, but it’s small companion … well, the small companion isn’t tall enough for this ride.

When asked about the machine, the inventor had this to say:

“Humans have massage chairs so why shouldn’t our pets have petting machines. I gave it a Rube Goldberg style flare to make it interesting to watch.”

Hard to argue with that logic. This machine is spectacular!

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